The KinoCheck Team

Tobias Tarczynski


Tobias has been with us since 2016 and is significantly responsible for the website, as well as our back-end structure. The protection of your private data and the fast delivery of our content are and have always been very important to us, which is why we always refrained from using already existing systems or CMS such as Wordpress, when we can easily develop them ourselves. Tobias is in charge of these very developments, and his work enables us to maintain our position as market leader despite our relatively small staff.

Tom Hartig

Head of Content

As our content manager, Tom is tasked with organizing all content-related topics. For example, he ensures that KinoCheck News and our Original formats are always ready on time. He is also responsible for the direct contact with our clients, thus already organizing the future exclusive premieres behind the scenes. In addition, he always has a sympathetic ear for questions from the community and is highly appreciated for this. He fits perfectly into the team and demonstrates his team player capabilities time and time again.

Phillip Niemeyer

Content Manager

Phillip mostly takes care of our popular niches, meaning the channels that specifically cover an area of interest and thus allow even more room for more in-depth attention. Should you be a fan of a certain genre, check out the various sub-channels on Youtube, where you can find a lot of clips and nice behind-the-scenes footage.

Fabian Pohl

Content Strategy

We have been working with Fabian for a few years and his sense for new trends is really exceptional. As a customer, he uses our back end and very faithfully contributes to our English-language outlets. Without his strategic input and brainpower, some formats as they exist today perhaps would not have been created at all. He also runs his own channel, which you can find under "Entertainment Access" on YouTube.

Pierre Lorenz

Chief Editor

Lorenz is the main responsible for the news and Originals on our page. He creates the scripts for our weekly news formats and already knows about all possible future rumors. That said, he's not a gossip guy, but a politics student at the University of Würzburg. Actually, I think that's exactly the reason why our news is always super exciting and straight to the point.

Robin Klaiber

Digital Rights Manager

Robin is our data police. As DRM, he ensures that no unauthorized use of our distributors' material happens online. Moreover, he frequently scans the entire database for incorrect information. But that's not all, he also regularly writes scripts for the KinoCheck Originals and has built up a really great knowledge through his passion for film, which he can draw on here.

Lukas Weishaar

Video Editor

Lukas is the guy responsible for cutting our videos. He always impresses both you and us with his love for detail. He started off supporting the video editing team, but meanwhile he is the main person in charge of all in-house productions like the weekly news and Originals. His skills exceed those of a normal editor in many ways and you can tell that from his work.

Kelly Ferreira


Kelly is our language miracle, she speaks more than five languages and is the person who ensures that our KinoCheck News are accurate and flawless in English. She works for us as a translator and thus assures that our work is not limited to German-speaking countries.


Also important supporters in this project are: my former partner moderator Niclas Zientz; our previous content managers Daniel Pisarenko and Albert Fiebig; our previous video editors David Hermann, Jonas Geisler and Gino Laib as well as our current voice actors Michael and Torsten, but also former ones like Pascal. Additionally, of course, the numerous distributors and agency employees, many of whom I am proud to count among my friends today. It's nice that quality has always been, and still is, more important than quantity for you guys, and that's what makes work so much fun.

In conclusion

Yes, that's us, a colorful bunch of creative young people who are into cinema and especially movies, and who celebrate this passion with an incredibly large community every day anew. For all of you who have read this far, I have some incredible numbers (as of January 1, 2022). KinoCheck has reached a total of over 6 billion views and over 220 million hours of watching time. That's the equivalent of 25,000 years of life that we have spent together.