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Advertising has to fit and that is exactly our mission. We get you connected to the right audience without major waste coverage and unnecessary costs.

Stand: 27. Juni 2022

We don't need to guess who likes what

we know! Thanks to our database of around 9 billion organic views, we know precisely on which topics viewers express a particular interest. By means of audience lists (also known as retargeting lists), we can directly target the groups that are of interest to you in campaigns. Thus, we offer you the ideal platform for your product. More than 200 distributors and innumerable brands worldwide already rely on our high level of expertise in this and many other areas.

What differentiates us from other agencies?

Not only do we place ads on Google Ads, we also distribute them as a YouTube partner - and have been doing so for many years. This gives us insights into structures and processes that pure advertising marketing companies cannot offer.

Agencies and other market players attempt to reach a predefined target group through the use of filters and settings, often based on a small peer group that they use for scaling. We, on the other hand, play ads selectively to our more than 100 million monthly active viewers, focusing the campaign based on user behavior. This allows us to reach the people you need in a very accurate and reliable manner.


Highest possible brand awareness (TrueView)

BWith this campaign goal, prices are calculated based on completed views. Views are dependent on format and are measured when a user watches your video for 30 seconds (in case of shorter videos until the end) or interacts with it, for example by a click to your website or the like.

Highest possible Reach (Non-skippable)

With this campaign goal, prices are calculated based on reach. In concrete terms, costs are measured in CPM (cost per mille = price per thousand impressions). The objective is a widespread broadcast, with the actual time spent on the video being secondary.


Through years of work in the movie advertising industry, we have acquired the know-how to broadcast videos to billions of people. So we do not simply run an ad campaign for you, but also provide consulting services for the demarcation of your target groups. Without any additional lists, we can easily address individuals who are interested in your advertising medium. However, if you would like to promote your product even more effectively, we have our organically created target groups. With these audience lists, we can reach specific people who have expressed interest in certain films and film genres, or even actors, and hence show an enormously high degree of topic sensitivity. Due to their precision and brand-safety, these lists are regarded as the gold standard in the industry. No other agency can provide such extensive audience lists in this quality.. Our rates start as low as 2 cents and vary depending on the size and goals of the campaign. You are welcome to use our rate calculator, which will provide you with a no obligation quote, or please feel free to contact us directly at any time.








Setup Fee



~ %

Our motto has always been quality before quantity and this is consistent throughout all of our work and offerings. When we do something, it is either all or nothing and always with the premise of learning from it and helping others. This is why we have grown to become the market leader in movie marketing over the last few years. This organic coverage of people who are all interested in movies and series has evolved over time to become a large community with whom we are in daily exchange and whose feedback we take unfiltered. This has enabled us to track across multiple channels who is interested in what, when, and how often. Due to the wide range of films and their variations, we are in a position to learn and approach the preferences as well as the backgrounds of the target group very precisely.

Community Advertising

Aside from advertising before videos, we also offer ways to interact with our community based around our catalog of videos, news, originals and community posts.

Recommendation Rotation / Hypetrain***

This form of advertisement allows you to organically boost the reach of your video published with us by placing it in the credits of videos with similar target audience. This means you only target people who are interested in your film and have checked out similar films/series EPK to the end. This is the crème de la crème.

KinoCheck News Sponsoring

Sponsor our popular movie news format with your brand. The weekly episodes contain the most significant events of the last 7 days and revolve exclusively around topics from the world of film. The format generates an average of about 150 thousand views and has an outstanding watch time, which confirms its popularity.

KinoCheck Originals

We offer the booking of a thematic analysis of your upcoming movie, recently released trailers or individual sequences. Other formats are also possible. In this case, our editorial team will prepare a video script which will be recorded and edited by us in-house.

Community Poll

Experience shows that around 20 to 50 thousand users take part in a survey of our community. This means that you receive absolutely honest and public feedback on pretty much every question.

Community Post (Gif + Link)

Boost the reach of a video published with us by creating and placing a matching *.gif (animated image - often a sequence from the video being promoted) with a link to the target video.

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