MCU: New Avengers Movies and Other Marvel Projects Delayed

Affected are, among other projects, Captain America 4, Fantastic Four and Blade

by Tom Hartig on June 13, 2023

Due to the WGA strike, there are massive changes in the release dates of the MCU. Disney has now presented all the new dates and Marvel fans will have to adjust to some waiting time for many projects whether they like it or not.

Here's what the new release schedule looks like: The recently renamed "Captain America 4: Brave New World" is delayed by a couple of months and will now hit theaters on July 26, 2024. The ensemble movie "Thunderbolts" is pushed to December 20, 2024, and "Blade" is even postponed to February 14, 2025. "Fantastic Four" is now slated for May 2, 2025, while the two "Avengers" films, "Kang Dynasty" and "Secret Wars", move to May 1, 2026, and May 7, 2027, respectively.

The problems at Marvel are not abating: actually, the MCU ought to pick up pace again after some recent sagging and have a new big goal in mind with Jonathan Majors as Kang. However, the actor is in the midst of abuse proceedings - the focus on his character may therefore prove to be a mistake. The numerous postponements now add to this and raise the big question of whether the MCU can be put back on track for success: James Gunn's DCU is, after all, just waiting to usurp the throne of superhero blockbusters.