Taika Waititi reveals the start of the production of "Thor: Love And Thunder" - but not without hesitation.

The return of Natalie Portman is at least certain

by Pierre Lorenz on January 6, 2020

The production of Thor: Love and Thunder is slowly but surely progressing. In an interview

with Variety, director Taika Waititi spoke now about the upcoming production start.

According to his own statement, the production will start in Australia in the summer of 2020,

and he himself will be in Sydney in April. The only thing that could postpone the start of the

production are the ongoing bush fires in Australia, which are beyond his control anyway.

Furthermore, a rumor about the cast is currently circulating, because besides the top-class

actors like Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson, another world-class

actor could join the cast, namely Christian Bale. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the

Welshman is currently under discussion for a role that is not yet known, but there is no

official confirmation from Marvel or Disney yet.

The net community has been wanting a Beta Ray Bill appearance for some time now, similar

to the comic template. The alien, who at first glance could be considered a villain due to his

frightening appearance, has been playing a role in the Marvel world since the 80s. Similar to

Jane Foster he also seems to be worthy enough to lift Mjölnir, but he has his own powerful

weapon called Stormbreaker, which is surely known to all Thor fans.

However, is this role suitable for Bale? Hard to say, because an actor with Bale's reputation

wouldn't be necessary to impersonate Beta Ray Bill, after all the alien's face will be covered

by a mask or CGI effects.

On the other hand, there are also enough examples in the MCU, which show that many

actors lend their voices to the characters, but aren't visible themselves. The best examples

are Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper, who can be heard but not seen with their characters

Groot and Rocket Racoon.

Thor: Love And Thunder will be released in us cinemas on November 5, 2021.