Guardians Of The Galaxy: Connection to Thor 4 with some famous heroes

Could this "American Psycho" star be the bad guy soon?

by Pierre Lorenz on March 13, 2020

For quite some time now, there have been speculations about the Guardians' appearance in the new "Thor: Love And Thunder". Most recently, "Jumanji 2" actress Karen Gillan also said in an interview that she was curious to see what James Gunn has in store for Thor and Taika Waititi for the Guardians.

Now that Vin Diesel has confirmed that some of the Guardians will appear in Thor 4, it seems official. But which Guardians are eligible to appear in Thor 4? First of all, given Diesel's statement, it's safe to assume that his character Groot will be a part of Thor 4. According to the insider Daniel Richtman Rocket Racoon is also involved, however, this statement should still be treated with caution. But it would make sense after the joint Asgard trip of Rocket Racoon and Thor.

Even more sensation was caused by another statement of Diesel regarding the third "Guardians OF The Galaxy" part, namely we will see the tree creature Groot in a completely new form, namely as a so-called "Alpha Groot". How exactly this is supposed to be understood, is currently the subject of many speculations, as there is no "Alpha Groot" in the comics. Only in the video game "Marvel Contest Of Champion" there is a character named King Groot, who however has no direct connection to the Guardians.

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