Lucasfilm Confirms: "The Mandalorian" Will Be Made into a Movie and "Ahsoka" Season 2 Is in the Works

Production on "The Mandalorian & Grogu" is set to begin this year

by Jonas Reichel on January 10, 2024

It's finally official: "The Mandalorian" is getting its very own movie adventure with Mando and Grogu! Also, there's news about the Disney+ series "Ahsoka"!

"The Mandalorian" is still one of the most popular series in the "Star Wars" universe and is a regular hit among viewers. The series currently comprises 3 seasons and a continuation has been as good as certain. The only question that has been the subject of much speculation recently is in what form this will happen.

As Lucasfilm has now officially announced, we can indeed expect a "The Mandalorian" movie! It has the working title "The Mandalorian & Grogu" and is expected to go into production this year. Rumors about a film adaptation had been circulating on the internet over the past few months, and now everything appears to be a done deal. Jon Favreau, who was already in charge of the series alongside Dave Filoni, is set to direct the film. "Clone Wars" legend Filoni is also involved as a producer. By the way, he is currently also busy with his own "Star Wars" film: According to initial information, it will be a kind of "Avengers" movie, in which a variety of characters from the Mando-verse will be brought together.

As wonderful as the announcement of the "Mando" film may be, the legitimate question now arises as to what will become of the planned fourth season. After all, it was already firmly planned and was also due to start filming this year. There have been constant discussions about whether a possible movie would simply replace season 4 - and even now the fate of a fourth season is disputed.

Meanwhile, "Star Wars: Episode 10" has been postponed for the time being. The new adventure about Rey was actually supposed to kick off the return of "Star Wars" in cinemas, but Mando could now pre-empt this.

In the course of the announcement of the "Mandalorian" film, it was likewise announced that "Ahsoka" would be getting another season. We can also look forward to the second season of "Andor" and the new series "Skeleton Crew" and "The Acolyte".

So there's a lot going on in the galaxy far, far away and we can hardly wait until we get to see the next projects!

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