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The Witch and the Ottoman

Original title (Language)Hexenjagd (de)
Runtime90 minutes


The year is 1739, the world is changing, but people still live in poverty, hunger and superstition. Often a single accusation is enough to destroy an entire life. When Catharina (Xenia Assenza) rebuffs the advances of the noble Ferdinand (Franz Dinda), she is accused of being a witch and sentenced to be burned alive. However, Ottoman Tahir (Erkan Acar), a prisoner of war who has been subjected to forced baptism by the local priest Johann (Alexander Schubert) and serves the church, makes the decision to save Catharina and flee with her to his homeland. A struggle for love and freedom begins. Because the power-hungry Prince Wilhelm (Gedeon Burkhard) is on the heels of the two. He wants to see the fugitives burn at the stake, at any price ...

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