Super Bowl 2021: Commercials for "Venom 2" and the like?

So far, the bookings are significantly lower than last year

by Pierre Lorenz on February 3, 2021

Nine movie spots were bought by the big studios last year for the Super Bowl. A 30-second slot can quickly cost 5-6 million US dollars, so it needs to be carefully considered as to which advertising should be shown at the Super Bowl - and that doesn't even include the production costs for the often elaborate special trailers. With viewer figures of over 100 million around the globe, however, advertising can certainly be worthwhile, as demonstrated by Universal's clip for "Fast and Furious 9," for example, which was additionally promoted by a concert by Cardi B, Wiz Khalifa and others. In addition to Universal, especially Disney and Paramount like to promote their movies at the NFL event, while Warner Bros. and Sony are also happy to pass it up. So far, reports say that Disney will show about two to four trailers, mainly Marvel content. Possible trailers would be, for example, the upcoming "Loki" series, "Falcon and the Winter Soldier" or even the first Phase 4 film "Black Widow". However, "Raya and the Last Dragon" could also take the place of the Avengers heroine, because unlike "Black Widow," it is considered very unlikely that the release date will be postponed here. Universal, on the other hand, allegedly has only booked one trailer. The most likely is a preview for M. Night Shyamalan's thriller "Old", about which only some cryptic information has come to light so far. On Twitter, at least, Shyamalan posted a small teaser on February 2nd with the caption "5", which pretty clearly points to the days leading up to the Super Bowl. The biggest rumors, however, are likely to be about the first trailer for "Venom 2". Many fans referred to a leaked clip from a TV commercial that appeared online. As it turned out afterwards, someone was probably just joking. Still, expectations are high and it's actually very likely, since "Venom 2" is Sony's only big summer blockbuster. So, if Sony wants to throw in a surprise, a first Venom 2 trailer would definitely be the most reasonable choice. We are definitely excited. Which trailer would you like to see for the upcoming Super Bowl? Feel free to write it down in the comments!

Image of Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage Trailer, Wakanda Series, Cloverfield 2