James Cameron Reveals Details About "Avatar" 3 and 4

"Avatar 3" is due to be released in theaters on December 19, 2025

by Jonas Reichel on December 13, 2023

News from Pandora: James Cameron reveals details about the state of production and the storylines of his upcoming "Avatar" sequels.

At the end of 2022, the director once again demonstrated the potential of his science fiction film series with "Avatar: The Way of Water". The result: worldwide box office takings of over 2.3 billion dollars!

Parts 3, 4 and 5 are now scheduled for release in 2025, 2029 and 2031. Cameron told People magazine that "Avatar 3" is mostly finished and that it is already possible to watch complete scenes. In part 3, we are introduced to the Ash people, who are described as an aggressive clan among the Na'vi and are said to be anything but peace-loving.

The director also confirmed that Kate Winslet will return in her role as Ronal. The Metkayina clan leader became a fan favorite in "Avatar: The Way of Water" and the character is set to play a much bigger role in the sequels. In order to better immerse herself in her character, Winslet went into the care of a real shaman who taught her various purification rituals.

In "Avatar 4", however, there will be a time jump of several years. According to Cameron, it is thus necessary to shoot scenes with younger actors now. The remaining scenes with the older characters will be shot after "Avatar 3", in other words, in 2026 at the earliest.

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