"Nobody 2" and "Violent Night 2" to Start Filming at the End of 2024

Both movies are considered surprise hits

by Jonas Reichel on March 13, 2024

Action fans listen up: Santa Claus and a retired FBI agent will soon be returning to the big screen to provide law and order once again in the sequels "Violent Night 2" and "Nobody 2".

In a conversation with Collider, producers Kelly McCormick and David Leitch talked about the current progress and revealed that the pre-production of both action films is already in full swing: Leitch emphasized the enthusiasm of the main actors Bob Odenkirk and David Harbour to return to their roles. Kelly McCormick added that the scripts are already in the works and several drafts have been completed. Even though the development of the sequels is running smoothly for the most part, there are still a number of minor details that need to be resolved before production can begin at the end of 2024.

"Nobody" and "Violent Night" were a box office success and equally loved by audiences - the mix of bloody action and bitter humor obviously struck a chord. While the exact storylines of "Nobody 2" and "Violent Night 2" are still under wraps, fans can nevertheless rejoice over the fact that the action sequels are finally coming to fruition.

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