Avatar 3: All Avatar Movies will be Postponed by Years

At least there is a first Avatar 3 behind the scenes picture

by Tom Hartig on June 13, 2023

After "Avatar" in 2009, it took 13 years to make "Avatar 2: The Way of Water". Originally, "Avatar 3" and the other sequels were supposed to be released a little quicker. But that won't happen anymore since the whole movie series has been massively postponed up to 2031.

The extensive release postponements at Disney do not spare James Cameron's blockbuster series either. After "Avatar 3" was scheduled for December 19, 2024 until recently, the film will now be released a year later on December 19, 2025. The other movies will be hit even harder, as Parts 4 and 5 will be delayed by 3 years: "Avatar 4" is now slated for December 21, 2029 and "Avatar 5" for December 19, 2031 - 22 years after the first "Avatar" film.

As a small consolation, producer Jon Landau released a first behind-the-scenes photo of "Avatar 3". On it, we can see a monitor on set, showing how the actors are already being replaced live on location with a rough version of the Na'vi - it is definitely a good tool for the creative minds behind the camera.

Should there not be further postponements like with "Avatar 2: The Way of Water", we'll see at the end of 2025 whether the effort was worth it. We'll keep our fingers crossed.