Thor 5: Here's What Chris Hemsworth Thinks of a Sequel

Either way, the Hollywood star has set a requirement for his return

by Pierre Lorenz on June 20, 2023

Chris Hemsworth has a clear opinion about "Thor 5". The 39-year-old was interviewed by the trade magazine Entertainment Weekly, in which he made it very clear that things could not go on the same as before.

After the mixed reviews for "Thor 4: Love and Thunder", the future of the movie series remains uncertain. However, Chris Hemsworth, who has played the Norse God of Thunder in 9 movies, has not fully concluded with his role. In addition to last week's conversation with Entertainment Weekly, he already commented on a possible comeback for "Thor 5" last November on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

Hemsworth stressed that he has to be careful about how he phrases his statements because he doesn't have any precise information about the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Officially, he said, he knows absolutely nothing, even though there are always talks, similar to his role in "Extraction". Hemsworth can currently be seen in the Netflix production "Extraction 2", where he embodies the presumed dead mercenary for the second time.

He did, however, set one important condition for his return as Thor: he didn't want to play the role until viewers were worn out as soon as they saw him on the big screen. Moreover, Hemsworth emphasized that a return would have to be accompanied by an important change involving his character. He said that he doesn't know whether he will be invited back at all, but if so, Thor would need to be markedly different than in the previous films. After the last two films, directed and written by Taika Waititi, there was criticism from different quarters that the hero had become too ridiculous and that the plot could no longer be taken seriously.

It thus remains to be seen whether and in what form we will see Chris Hemsworth as Thor again in a possible fifth part. We will keep an eye on the statements of the parties involved and let you know as soon as something new comes up.