The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Andrew Garfield talks about return

However, one should not have great hope for a renewed appearance

by Pierre Lorenz on March 1, 2022

After "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and the gigantic multiverse story, everything seems possible. Many people want to see Andrew Garfield as the Amazing Spider-Man again, which is why the question of a possible third part with him in the lead role is not too far-fetched. In a conversation with "Variety", the 38-year-old talked about exactly this scenario and as expected, directly gave the all-clear. Of course, he also knows that his credibility has suffered somewhat since his last appearance, but he is still telling the truth. He also responded to a social media trend whose content is a possible "The Amazing Spider-Man 3". However, Garfield left open whether his cancellation also included an appearance in a supporting role with Tom Holland. Either way, we'll be hearing a lot more about the friendly spider from the neighborhood in the future – after all, there are still three movies with Tom Holland in development.

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