The Last of Us: New Images of the Series Characters Have Been Posted

There is also a new poster

by Pierre Lorenz on December 1, 2022

The preparations for the series premiere of the upcoming "The Last of Us" series are currently in full swing. A few days ago, we got to see a new poster that should please fans of the gaming series, as the design is very similar to that of the game cover. Both protagonists are gazing back at the viewer in front of a post-apocalyptic setting, with the vibe being gloomy. Indeed, many feelings of nostalgia come up at this sight, especially for those who played the game in 2013 when it was first released on the PlayStation 3. Now, they get treated to a ten-episode series almost ten years later. In general, the anticipation seems to be high, and with just under six weeks to go before the release, HBO Max has released some additional images of the characters that will be making an appearance. A total of eleven characters are introduced, including Joel's daughter Sarah, Ellie's friend Riley, and the popular companions Bill and Tess, in addition to Joel and Ellie. Hardly any other video game adaptation is currently under as much pressure to meet fan expectations as "The Last of Us", which is mainly due to the large fan base and the excellently rated first part of the video games.

In terms of story, "The Last of Us" revolves around the unlikely team of Joel and Ellie. Joel is a smuggler who one day receives the unusual assignment of escorting the young teenager Ellie across the United States. At first, the two are very skeptical of each other, but over the course of the story they grow into an unbeatable team and must overcome many dangers together. In addition to the spreading fungus, which has wiped out a large part of the living creatures and almost all humans, turning them into the undead, there are also many human threats - be it deceitful highwaymen, the ex-military or entire organizations.

Behind the scenes, game designer Neil Druckmann is involved as a producer, and "Chernobyl" director Craig Mazin is in charge of directing. The cast includes Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Anna Torv and Nico Parker. The official series debut is January 15, 2023 on HBO Max. 

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