The Mandalorian: Christopher Lloyd takes on role in season 3

It seems that this is a guest role

by Pierre Lorenz on March 22, 2022

Many know US actor Christopher Lloyd primarily for his world-famous role as Doc Brown in the cult classic "Back to the Future". Now Disney is said to have secured the services of the 83-year-old for season 3 of "The Mandalorian". The season is currently still in the middle of filming, after the second season was already released in October 2020. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Lloyd won't play too big of a role but is expected to make a special appearance in the new season. After the end of season 2, we hope to see more rousing moments between Grogu and the Mandalorian and, of course exciting battles for the Darksaber, which is in the possession of Din Djarin and should cause a lot of trouble. Surely a proper place will be found for Lloyd somewhere in between, perhaps even as a mad scientist. When season 3 of the award-winning series "The Mandalorian" will be released has not yet been officially determined, but given the reasonably advanced stage of production, it shouldn't be long now.

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