Revolution of the horror film: Interactive film planned by Alexandre Aja

The script will be written by the "Haunting In Hill House" creators

by Pierre Lorenz on August 14, 2019

It's common practice at the cinema to turn off your cell phone. An idea of Alexandre Aja, however, now plans to see the cinema hall as an interactive stage and to be able to access the screen with a mobile phone. The Collider reports that the crawl director is currently preparing for a still nameless interactive Haunted-House horror film. Stephen Spielberg's production company Amblin Partners will then take over the realisation of the film project. The screenplay will be written by Nick Simon and lead by the spook in Hill House creators Jeff Howard and Mike Flanagan.

The interactive method, which is strongly reminiscent of Bandersnatch, is to be called CTRLMovie technology and allows the viewer to make groundbreaking decisions in the film itself. Thus the film can also have different running times and ends, the decision making is made thereby democratically after the majority principle.

Definitely an exciting idea, which already exists in home cinema. When the production starts isn't known yet, though.

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