After "Dune 3" It's Over! Denis Villeneuve Doesn't Want to Make Any More Movies from the Universe

The "Dune" series comprises 6 novels

by Jonas Reichel on February 1, 2024

The end is near: in an interview, director Denis Villeneuve revealed that he could well imagine a third part of the "Dune" saga. However, this would be the last movie he directs based on the universe.

The original idea was to adapt the famous novel by Frank Herbert into two movies. Thanks to the worldwide success of "Dune", the director was able to implement his plan: "Dune: Part Two", which Villeneuve describes as an "action-packed and epic war film", is finally due to be released at the end of February after a number of delays. Of course, fans of the original know that the movie is merely an adaptation of the first novel "Dune". However, the literary work about Arrakis includes several other books that also provide material for potential movie adaptations.

In an interview with Time magazine, Villeneuve stated that he would definitely be interested in directing another movie after "Dune 2". Part 3 is to be based on Frank Herbert's second novel "Dune Messiah". Despite the lack of official approval from Warner Bros., Villeneuve has already made it clear that this would probably be his last project in the "Dune" universe. The director also revealed that work on "Dune 3" was already in full swing: He added that the script for the movie was already as good as finished.

Lead actress Zendaya, who plays the role of Chani in Villeneuve's "Dune" movies, also expressed her enthusiasm for a possible third movie: in an interview with Fandango, she explained that she would definitely be involved if Denis Villeneuve were to call her again. Timothée Chalamet, aka Paul Atreides, likewise voiced his enthusiasm regarding the idea of another movie. He emphasized that the entire cast was very much hoping to complete the story with "Dune Messiah", should the opportunity arise.

However, despite these positive statements, it could still be a while before the third movie becomes a reality. Villeneuve has spent the past six years making the first two "Dune" movies and is considering taking a break before directing a third installment. He hinted that he might tackle another project first in order to recharge his batteries and find inspiration.

So it remains to be seen if and when "Dune 3" will actually be released. But this much can already be said: it is unlikely to fail on account of the fans' excitement, as it currently seems undiminished.

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