Soon back in MCU: "Daredevil" will return this year

But: Marvel has to wait for a deadline

by Pierre Lorenz on June 3, 2020

Many Marvel fans were disappointed by the removal of "Daredevil", "Jessica Jones" and "Luke Cage" from Netflix. Since November 2018, fans have been waiting for a return of Drew Goddard's series, after the first season in particular was very well received by fans and critics. The fan campaign "Save Daredevil" now published via screenrant that only six months remain until the rights of the series are no longer held by Netflix but by Marvel again. The reason for this is a contract between Marvel and Netflix, which says that the characters "Daredevil", "Luke Cage" and "Jessica Jones" can only be used by Marvel again after two years.

Now the question arises of course, how Marvel will use his regained rights. One possibility would be to simply publish the series started by Netflix on an in-house streaming service like Disney+ or Hulu. It would also be conceivable to reboot the whole series with new actors.

For the time being, there is probably nothing else to do but wait and hope for official announcements.

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