I Am Legend 2: Screenwriter Reveals What the Sequel Will Be Like

The plot is to be set a few decades after the original

by Pierre Lorenz on February 16, 2023

The HBO series "The Last of Us" has become one of the most popular series in recent years. Those responsible also owe this to the creators of the video games, because the duo of Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley was inspired by a very specific film during the creation process of the first game. We are talking about the post-apocalyptic drama "I Am Legend" with Will Smith, who plays a gifted scientist as well as one of the last surviving humans. Accompanied by his dog Sam, he conducts research in the devastated urban canyons of New York City to find a cure for the altered measles virus that has almost entirely turned humanity into zombie-like infected people.

The movie was mostly well received upon its release in 2008, but to this day many fans are bothered by the ending of the movie, which results in the death of the main character. In an alternate ending, it was opted to have Dr. Robert Neville survive instead and make his way to Vermont with Anna and Ethan. Nevertheless, this version is a lot darker, as Neville realizes that the infected have their own social structures and thus will sooner or later overrun the few uninfected people.

As screenwriter Akiva Goldsman now reports, a sequel is currently being worked on that focuses more on the book by Richard Matheson. As a result, the ending of the original film will be disregarded and the survival of Robert Neville will be considered as canon instead. Likewise, he revealed that several decades will have passed between Part 1 and Part 2, so the protagonist will be significantly older. This also fits with the signing of MCU star Michael B. Jordan, who joins the cast as a newcomer and is rumored to play the son of the lead character Robert Neville.

Sadly, there is no release date for "I Am Legend 2" yet.

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