Return of Tom Hardy and Co.: "Venom 2" in progress

This candidate could take over as director

by Robin Klaiber on January 9, 2019

After Sony's blockbuster Venom brought over 850 million us dollars in at box offices worldwide, Sony more or less surprisingly announced a second part a few days ago. Part of Venom 2 will be again Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson, among others, who were already highly acclaimed in the first part. We don't know yet who will be allowed to sit in the director's chair, further it is certain that Ruben Fleischer has expressed great interest, but is probably still busy with his other project Zombieland 2. It is also unclear when Venom 2 will be shown in the cinemas. But it seems almost certain that we will see the antihero on screen by the end of 2020, as Sony has announced two Spiderman spinoffs for next year. What many fans are still very interested in is whether or not the popular Spiderman will be seen in the Venom movie, however even screenwriter Jeff Pinkner still keeps us waiting, because only recently he announced that Spider Man could play a significant role in the upcoming Venom movie.

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