The Mandalorian: First Trailer for Season 3 Reveals New Location

Season 4 is already at the planning stage as well

by Pierre Lorenz on May 31, 2022

After a long waiting period, the third season of "The Mandalorian" will finally be released on Disney+ in February 2023. As producer Jon Favreau announced at the "Star Wars Celebration", the series is complete and currently in post-production. While his colleague Dave Filoni keeps working on "Ahsoka", Favreau himself is already slowly but surely devoting himself to the fourth season of "The Mandalorian". 

In a newly shown trailer, we see the Armorer as well as the helmetless Mandalorian, who is about to clear his name. The latter eventually travels to Mandalore along with Grogu, where he is greeted by the heiress Bo-Katan. Whether she will end up helping him in his endeavor, and what else Mandalore has to offer, is sadly left unknown. Either way, Din Djarin will have to face Moff Gideon again, as you can suspect from a Star Destroyer shown in the trailer. 

In addition to the ongoing series, lead actor Pedro Pascal talked about further plans for "The Mandalorian" in an interview with Variety. This included the fact that Pascal's big dream would be to play the Mandalorian not only on Disney+, but also on the big screen in the future. However, he did emphasize that this is only a dream of his and that, to his knowledge, a movie is not officially being planned. He would nonetheless be happy about a "The Mandalorian" cinematic experience sometime in the future. 

We are excited to find out what will happen next with "The Mandalorian". It is at least certain that the third season will be released on Disney+ on February 23, 2023. 

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