New rumors about "The Mandalorian"

This new addition causes confusion

by Pierre Lorenz on May 20, 2020

As we reported last week, Boba Fett returns to the Star Wars universe in the second season of "The Mandalorian". Many other characters have joined him, including Timothy Olyphant. Which role he will play was not known until now, but it now turns out that Olyphant will wear the famous green suit of Boba Fett in season 2. Of course, this does not automatically mean that Olyphant will also play Boba Fett, since Temuera Morrison is still planned to play him. According to, Olyphant will instead play the human Cobb Vanth. But why is he wearing the Mandalorian armor? There could be a hint in the "Aftermath" trilogy, because there Cobb also stole the green armor from Adwin Charu. But how he got hold of Boba Fett's armor remains unclear for now.

The character was originally developed for the Extended Universe. In this universe, Cobb is a slave who, after the death of Jabba the Hut, takes care of the safety of his town as sheriff. However, the Extended Universe officially no longer belongs to the canon. Therefore it remains to be seen whether the authors of The Mandalorian will decide to use the background story of the character for the TV series. What do you think? Which other characters can you imagine in the Wild West setting of the series?

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