Avatar 3: Concept Art Images Provide First Glance at the New Pandora

We can expect volcanoes, deserts and snowscapes

by Pierre Lorenz on April 2, 2023

In spite of its partly predictable plot, "Avatar 2: The Way of Water" was able to impress fans and critics above all with its visuals. In particular, the elaborate depiction of marine life caused director James Cameron to outperform his own film "Titanic" on the list of the most successful movies of all time. As a result, he secured third place after the first "Avatar" and "Avengers: Endgame". Whether "Avatar 3" can top the box-office takings, which have now reached 2.24 billion U.S. dollars, will be revealed next year. But before that, there is an even more significant question: What will the third part of James Cameron's successful film series look like?

A first impression is now provided by the latest concept images. As we already know, "Avatar 3" is focused on new worlds, following the recent emphasis on the gigantic oceans. This time, we can expect the exact opposite with a barren desert region, whereas the snow-covered landscape that has been teased is likely to be particularly cold. And finally, the volcanic region shown here surely has a special meaning: This is the home of the so-called Ash People, who will play a major part in the upcoming film alongside the previously introduced Na'vi.

Even though not a lot is visible of the people yet, the images of the three new regions offer a first preview of what's to come. The new variety of landscapes is supposed to show that Pandora, just like Earth, has many different peoples and areas.

We are excited to learn more about the "Avatar 3" project in the coming weeks and months. The theatrical release is scheduled for December 20, 2024.