Coronavirus displacement: These movies and series are affected

by Pierre Lorenz on March 20, 2020

Unfortunately, the coronavirus that is currently spreading worldwide does not stop at the entertainment industry. Disneyland recently closed its doors, various sports have been suspended and the E3 games fair has been cancelled. The film world is also affected, as many films have been postponed or put on hold for an indefinite period in view of the current situation. In the following we will give you an overview of the currently known postponements, the stopped productions as well as the early releases of movies for home cinema.

The most famous postponed movies include Fast and Furious 9 and the new James Bond part "No Time To Die". While Fast and Furious has been postponed by a whole year to April 2021, the new James Bond movie will be released in November. Similar to Disney's live action "Mulan" movie, "A Quiet Place 2", the romantic comedy "The Lovebirds", "The New Mutants", Marvel's first Phase 4 movie "Black Widow" and many more, only that all these movies will be postponed indefinitely.

Also affected by the corona virus are current productions of movies and series. Among them is the planned Uncharted movie with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, which will be paused for 6 weeksSaturday Night Live Live will also be suspended for three weeks. The production of "Matrix 4", "The Batman", the second season of "The Witcher", "Jurassic World", as well as all Marvel and Disney+ series will also be on hold for the time being. Various TV stations and film studios are following suit, and so all Apple TV+, NBC, Warner Brothers and CBS productions are currently - if not already done - being put on hold.

However, film fans who currently have to spend most of their time at home can also be pleased about a small positive aspect, as some films are now available earlier on demand due to all the postponements and cinema closures. Frozen 2, for example, is now available three months earlier on Disney+ in the US, while the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is only available a few days earlier for US home theaters. If you didn't make it to the cinema for the new "Birds Of Prey", you can now do so via Amazon, for examplestarting on march 24th, but also for the time being only in the USA.

The film giant Universal, for example, will even make films that have already been released in the cinemas, such as "The invisible man", "The Hunt" and "Emma", as well as the animated film "Trolls 2", which will soon be released in the cinema and also via Video On Demand. Also affected by this is Sony's new film "Bloodshot", which will be available on demand in the USA starting next week.

Many film studios and journalists are of the opinion at the moment anyway that the summer of 2020, which is very important for the film industry, will probably be completely cancelled, because who can guarantee that all cinemas worldwide will be open again in two months? We are looking forward to the further development and of course we will keep you up to date as usual.

Image of Coronavirus vs Hollywood: All Delays and Production Stops