Spider-Man 4: Marvel Head Confirms Start of Production

They want to avoid another drama between Sony and Marvel

by Pierre Lorenz on December 22, 2021

It looked as though a "Spider-Man" trilogy would remain in the MCU for a long time, allowing Tom Holland and his version of Spider-Man to return to rights holder Sony. However, even before the release of "Spider-Man: No Way Home", fans were caught off guard when Sony producer Amy Pascal announced the prospect of not just one, but three new movies. Now Marvel boss Kevin Feige has also commented on the future of "Spider-Man". He revealed to the New York Times that they would prefer to avoid another farewell drama like the one that followed after "Far From Home" and would rather work out the story of "Spider-Man" together. He even stated in no uncertain terms that they were already in the early stages of production on "Spider-Man 4". Tom Rothman, who is the Sony executive in charge of the project, also emphasized once again how beneficial the collaboration with Marvel is and that they are accordingly happy to continue lending the friendly neighborhood spider to the MCU for a little longer. How exactly the story of Peter Parker will be further developed will be revealed in the talks of the coming weeks.

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