The Batman: Fans making fun of the new Batmobile

Furthermore: The British government allows the continuation of shooting under conditions

by Pierre Lorenz on June 2, 2020

After the shooting of "The Batman" has been paused for many weeks now, there are finally some news about the long awaited DC spectacle. On the one hand, there are the freshly released concept pictures of the new Batmobile, which have not received much enthusiasm so far. Fortunately, the Twitter fan account "TheBatRobert" still has the now largely removed pictures in its feed, which is why you can still view the questionable designs of graphic designer Jeff Frost. Many fans claim that the model reminds more of the high-tech vehicle K.I.T.T. from the movie "Knight Rider" than of the Batmobile from the past movies. And the fans are not that wrong, because the model really looks like a muscle car from the 80s. But there are also fans who actually like the artypical aesthetics of the new vehicle, which are not so unusual for Batman. Some Twitter users are happy that the Batmobil now looks like a real car and not like a failed tank.

And even if Jeff Frost's concept is currently questioned, there is another piece of news that will probably please everyone: the British government has given the permission for a lot of shootings in the near future. So the production will be restarted under strict conditions soon. Of course this also applies to other movies, so Batman is not the exception.

Besides "The Batman", "Mission Impossible 7 and 8" are also affected by the suspended shooting in Great Britain. While other movies try to start as soon as possible, the production of both movies will even be paused until September. Especially the planned shooting during the carnival in Venice has set the production extremely back. As director's assistant Tommy Gomley now reports, it is hoped that the completion of the planned scenes will be finalized between September and May. If no second wave of virus destroys the plans of the "Mission Impossible Team", the carnival scene praised by insiders can be expected.

"The Batman" is expected to be released on October 1st, 2021, while "Mission Impossible 7 & 8" are planned for November 19 2021 and November 4, 2021.

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