Sensation! Jim Carrey Will Return for "Sonic 3" After All

The actor announced his retirement after "Sonic 2"

by Jonas Reichel on February 2, 2024

Hardly anyone was expecting this: Jim Carrey will be reprising his iconic role as Dr. Robotnik in "Sonic 3" after all.

Image of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3 Reveal Teaser (2024)

Carrey originally planned to retire completely from the acting business and enjoy his well-deserved retirement. Fans then speculated whether his retirement would also mean the end of Dr. Robotnik - after all, he and his robot fell to their deaths at the end of "Sonic 2". However, the post-credits scene revealed that Robotnik's body was never found, fueling speculation about a possible return of the villain.

Variety has now finally shed some light on the matter and confirmed that Carrey will return for "Sonic 3". A short teaser for part 3 was released as well, which features Robotnik giggling at the end.

IGN also announced that, in addition to Carrey, a number of other actors have been confirmed for "Sonic 3": These include "Jessica Jones" actress Krysten Ritter as well as somewhat lesser-known actors such as James Wolk, Sofia Pernas and Alyla Browne. Based on initial speculation, Browne could take on the role of Maria Robotnik. This would make perfect sense, as Shadow will also play an important role in the upcoming adventure, to which the character is closely connected.

We are looking forward to further news and the release of "Sonic the Hedgehog 3" on December 20, 2024!

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