Equalizer Director is Considering Prequels with a Rejuvenated Denzel Washington

Part 3 opens in cinemas on September 1

by Jonas Reichel on August 24, 2023

More Equalizer movies with a rejuvenated Denzel Washington? If director Antoine Fuqua has his way, that's absolutely possible!

"The Equalizer 3" will soon be the last mission with Denzel Washington in the leading role for now. The final part is supposed to be the main character's ultimate exit from the life of an avenger. Director Antoine Fuqua indicated in an interview with NMW, however, that this does not necessarily mean that we will no longer see Denzel Washington in the role: In fact, Fuqua had already thought about rejuvenating his leading man to continue the franchise in the form of a prequel. If there were a good way of telling Robert McCall's origin story, then talks could be held about it.

The fact that the de-aging of actors has become a popular means of storytelling is hardly a novelty. This year alone, we saw a rejuvenated Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones 5". However, this technique continues to be met with criticism, as it is still partly perceived as artificial. Fuqua emphasized that he would keep an eye on the process and therefore had not yet spoken to Denzel Washington about it.

He also reported on the shooting of "The Equalizer 3" and revealed that it was quite exhausting for Washington. There was a scene in which the star had to run up a flight of stairs. The scene could only be repeated a few times because of the physical strain on the 68-year-old actor. Quote from the director:

"His knees were hurting! It was hot too!"

Of course, we wonder: Even if you can make an actor's face look believably younger, isn't it a problem, especially in action scenes, when a supposedly young character moves like an older person? Even "The Irishman" by star director Martin Scorsese faced some ridicule when a rejuvenated Robert De Niro beat up someone while physically looking like he was in his mid-70s.

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