Shortly before Chris Hemsworth's return as Thor: Fans celebrate the 35-year-old's appearance at the Comic Con

Also: this MCU movie will probably have to be put on hold because of "Thor 4

by Pierre Lorenz on July 18, 2019

Chris Hemsworth will soon return to the camera for his fourth solo performance as Thor.

Shortly before the Comic Con, Thor 4 was announced to the surprise of many Marvel fans as

one of the films of the upcoming Phase 4 of the MCU. This makes Thor the only MCU

superhero to appear in four of his own solo films.

Fans of the predecessor Thor 3 will be happy again, because director Taika Waitit will take

over the direction in Thor 4 again. Due to overlaps the live action version of Akira will be put

on ice for the time being. Still possible is an appearance of Thor in the upcoming Guardians

of The Galaxy 3, all of you who have seen Avengers Endgame will know why.

A release date for Thor 4 as well as a shooting start date is not decided yet.

Image of Thor 4, The Lion King, The Witcher