"Oldboy" to Become a Series

Park Chan-wook will be active as producer

by Jonas Reichel on April 19, 2024

Park Chan-wook's "Oldboy" is undoubtedly one of the great classics of South Korean cinema and is still very popular today. Now another US remake is set to follow.

As Variety reports, Lionsgate Television and Park Chan-wook are joining forces to revive "Oldboy" in the form of an English-language series.

Park Chan-wook, who will be involved in the series as a producer, expressed his enthusiasm for this opportunity:

"Lionsgate Television shares my creative vision for bringing "Oldboy" into the world of television. I look forward to working with a studio whose brand stands for bold, original and risk-taking storytelling."

According to Scott Herbst – Executive Vice President at Lionsgate Television – the aim is to stick as close to the original as possible. For example, the fighting scenes should be as rough and intense as in the movie.

This would not be the first time that "Oldboy" has been remade in America: Back in 2013, a version of the film directed by Spike Lee was released, at the time with Josh Brolin in the lead role. However, this was met with predominantly negative reactions.