Avatar: Jon Landau Clarifies Big Vin Diesel Misunderstanding

Also, Jake Sully is to be replaced by his son Lo'ak

by Pierre Lorenz on January 17, 2023

"Avatar: The Way of Water" might well become the most successful movie of all time. That should please director James Cameron and Disney in particular. After all, it was not clear for a long time whether the high production costs would ever be covered and whether they would go ahead with the planned sequels. Now that the movie is paying off, reports about the sequel "Avatar 3" are increasing.

This week, producer Jon Landau, who is always in active exchange with the media, gave an interview to Empire magazine. One of the topics was a Hollywood star who, by all accounts, will not be appearing in the sequels after all. In 2019, a video appeared on social media showing "Fast & Furious" actor Vin Diesel on camera with James Cameron on set. Diesel spoke of how he would love to work with Cameron, giving the impression that he would take on a role in the upcoming films. In a later interview with Entertainment Tonight, Diesel elaborated on his statement and confirmed his involvement in "Avatar".

Since then, nothing more has been said about it and also in the currently running film there was nothing to be seen or heard of him. This week, producer Landau denied Diesel's involvement and clarified the situation: it was all just a big misunderstanding. Vin Diesel had merely stopped by the set as a big fan of the series and wanted to take a look at the production. Therefore, a role in one of the sequels is out of the question, which is why many fans are now asking themselves why Diesel made contradictory statements beforehand - and rightly so. We are eager to find out whether Landau is now deliberately causing confusion, only to bring Diesel to "Avatar" later on. Or whether the plans with him may have been discarded after a brief collaboration and they don't want to make this public.

Further news is available on the specific plot of the upcoming films. In a conversation with Edith Bowman on her podcast, director James Cameron announced that Jake Sully will no longer play the role of the narrator. Instead, his son Lo'ak, who had a bigger role in the second part, will become the behind the scenes storyteller in the upcoming third part. This is said to be primarily because Lo'ak has been especially well received by fans. In "Avatar 4 & 5" the storytellers will then change again. However, it is not clear yet who they are going to be. But first of all, "Avatar 3" will be released on December 20, 2024, rumored to be titled "Avatar: The Seed Bearer".

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