Will Smith Confirms: I Am Legend 2 Will Use Alternative Ending From Part 1

Akiva Goldsman will be involved as an author

by Jonas Reichel on December 5, 2023

Now it's official: Will Smith confirms the previous rumors about the plot of "I Am Legend 2". The story is said to pick up on the alternative ending of its predecessor.

In the 2007 movie theater version of the horror thriller "I Am Legend", the main character Robert is attacked by the infected and dies. However, the alternative ending - which was only included in the home cinema version - tells the story in a different manner: in it, Robert sets his captives free and the alleged monsters disappear again. He sets off with other survivors on a journey to one of the last camps where other humans still exist.

The sequel "I Am Legend 2" is to follow on from precisely this ending, as Will Smith announced at the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia. Smith will be joined by "Creed" actor Michael B. Jordan in an undisclosed role - early rumors suggest he could play Robert's son.

The eagerly awaited sequel still remains without a director, so it will probably take some time before we can finally watch the movie on the big screen.

Image of I Am Legend 2 (2024) Movie Preview

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