The Harry Potter Series: This is What Daniel Radcliffe Has to Say About His Appearance

The cast is not officially determined yet

by Pierre Lorenz on July 4, 2023

Harry Potter is returning in the form of a series. But what about the former main actors who became world famous with the eight-part film series? Daniel Radcliffe has now broken the silence and announced how things actually stand regarding his potential return.

Since the release of the video game "Hogwarts Legacy" earlier this year, the Wizarding World seems to have entered a new phase. The success of the game probably also played some part in the fact that the new "Harry Potter" series was announced a few weeks later. In an interview with, Radcliffe commented for the first time on the rumors that he would be part of the series and would once again take on the role of the eponymous wizard.

As far as he knows, those responsible are trying to make a fresh start with the series. He wished those responsible the best of luck and looks forward to the torch being passed - without his direct involvement. This statement is certainly unfortunate for many fans, but it is hardly surprising. After all, both Radcliffe and his colleagues Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have made great efforts in recent years not to be reduced to "Harry Potter" anymore.

This, in turn, will make it all the more difficult for the people in charge to get the numerous Potterheads excited about the new series without the well-known actors. After all, it's not just about another story, like an adaptation of the play "The Cursed Child", but a retelling of the well-known original books - which is undoubtedly a difficult task to undertake.

HBO Max's current schedule foresees the first season starting in 2025 at the earliest, probably more likely in 2026. Then an impressive seven seasons are to be released at relatively short intervals in ten years, in other words: one season for each book. Incidentally, creator J.K. Rowling is involved as a producer, which has so far led die-hard fans to believe that the series will be a success. Either way, there's some time left before it all starts, and Potterheads around the world are eagerly awaiting the news of the actors involved.