"The NeverEnding Story" Gets New Adaptation

The original is seen as a timeless classic

by Jonas Reichel on March 21, 2024

A new journey to Fantasia is in the pipeline: 40 years after the legendary first movie adaptation of Michael Ende's classic "The Neverending Story", a new adaptation is now being planned that is set to be just as spectacular as its predecessor.

The novel is undoubtedly one of the all-time classics of the fantasy genre and has inspired generations of readers. Here, little Bastian Balthazar Bux stumbles across the mysterious book called "The Neverending Story" and soon the boundaries of his world become blurred with that of Fantasia, which the Greenskin warrior Atreyu tries to save from the spreading Nothing, a malevolent force.

This was followed in 1984 by the first film adaptation directed by Wolfgang Petersen. Although this was a huge success with over 5 million moviegoers in Germany alone, author Michael Ende was less impressed. In the years that followed, two sequels and several TV series were released.

According to German Newspaper Zeit, 40 years later, a new adaptation of the story is now being planned, which has been commissioned by Michael Ende Productions in collaboration with See-Saw Films. They were also responsible for "The King's Speech" and "The Power of the Dog". The film is still at a very early stage of production - there is no release date as of yet.

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