Mission Impossible, "Top Gun" and More: Paramount Postpones Once Again Many Movies

Many of the releases will even be delayed by several months

by Pierre Lorenz on April 12, 2021

Although the mood regarding reopening movie theaters seems quite optimistic, at least in the US, film giant Paramount decided to postpone its major productions again. Up to now, mainly the US dates are affected, but one can expect worldwide postponements in the coming days. Concerned is for example "Top Gun: Maverick", which has been postponed by more than four months to November 19, 2021. "Mission Impossible 7" was originally scheduled to be released during this time period, but now the blockbuster starring Tom Cruise will not be released before May 27, 2022. Hence, the sequel "Mission Impossible 8" will be released on July 7, 2023, instead of November 2022. Also affected are "Jackass", "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins" and the still unnamed "Bee Gees" movie by Kenneth Branagh. A big disappointment for many fans, no doubt.

Can you relate to Paramount's fresh wave of postponements or would you prefer an alternative release of these movies for home theaters, similar to HBO Max? Feel free to comment below!

Image of Fast & Furious x Jurassic World, Hotel Transylvania 4, Top Gun 2, Indiana Jones 5