Dune 2: The First Trailer is Finally Out!

Dune: Part Two seems to be a worthy follow-up to Dune

by Tom Hartig on May 4, 2023

"Dune" was a huge success at the box office in 2021, despite the pandemic. That was a good thing, too, since that's the reason the sequel to the incomplete story was given the green light, which will be released in theaters this fall as "Dune: Part Two". Recently, we finally got to check out the first trailer for "Dune 2" and it promises to be just as impressive as Part 1.

Paul and Chani's happy relationship is confronted with greater challenges: The events on Arrakis have apparently not gone unnoticed by the Emperor, and for the first time we see Florence Pugh in the role of his daughter Irulan. "What if Paul Atreides is still alive?" she asks. Well, his goal seems clear: to take revenge on the murderers of his family. In the various scenes, we see not only some battle shots, but also first impressions of "Elvis" actor Austin Butler as Harkonnen descendant Feyd-Rautha - interestingly staged in black and white.

Then the trailer pulls off something unusual: the music stops and nearly a full minute is spent summarizing how Paul faces the challenge of riding a massive sandworm for the first time. This is followed by many more scenes, ending with Paul standing with his dagger raised in front of an army of Fremen cheering him on.

You can tell from the trailer that director Denis Villeneuve has not shot a second part in the traditional sense, but the second half of a great story, as he himself repeatedly emphasizes. We are confident that fans of "Dune" will also enjoy "Dune 2". Critics of Part 1, who often found it too boring, are unlikely to expect any big surprises here.

How the cast around Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya and others will actually perform in the end and how exactly the story will be concluded, can be seen in theaters from November 3, 2023.