Rumor: Thanos Could Return as a Villain for the Multiverse saga

The rumor originates from actor Josh Brolin

by Jonas Reichel on February 7, 2024

Things continue to go haywire at Marvel: After the studio ended its collaboration with "Kang" actor Jonathan Majors due to his conviction, work on a new strategy regarding the antagonist is in full swing. In an interview, Josh Brolin revealed that they are apparently sympathetic to the idea of bringing Thanos back for the upcoming phases of the MCU.

Although Marvel continues to diligently provide its viewers with content, many are asking themselves where things are actually going. The original plan was for the "Avengers" to meet the new supervillain Kang in an epic duel. However, following the guilty verdict against Jonathan Majors for domestic violence, Marvel parted ways with the actor - the future of the storyline seems uncertain. On the one hand, there is of course still the possibility of recasting the role. This would certainly be the simplest solution and nothing new in the world of Marvel. The other option, however, is to focus on a completely new villain who could succeed Kang. Some time ago, rumors were already circulating on the internet that the studio apparently wanted to build up a new antagonist in the form of Dr. Doom. However, the removal of the subtitle "The Kang Dynasty" and the hiring of a new screenwriter for "Avengers 5" suggest that alternative plans are being considered.

Now Thanos actor Josh Brolin commented on the current situation in an interview with Brolin revealed that he had heard rumors that Marvel apparently wants to bring back the titan. Although Brolin is unsure whether there is any truth to the rumors, a Thanos return wouldn't be entirely absurd, after all, the current phases of the MCU are all about the multiverse.