Surprising signing of James Gunn for "Guardians Of The Galaxy 3"

But fans will have to wait a long time until the release

by Pierre Lorenz on May 3, 2019

With Disney hiring James Gunn a few weeks ago for the third part of Guardians of the Galaxy

3 to surprise of many fans, the only downside was that the shooting could not start until

2021 at the earliest with the finish of The Suicide Squad. However, now the Hollywood

reporter reckons to know that the filming of the third part could begin in 2020. One of the

reasons for this is that James Gunn had already finished the script before he was kicked out

of Disney, so that production could begin more or less directly. If this were to happen early

next year, the end of 2021 would be a realistic release date for Guardians of The Galaxy 3 -

provided Gunn takes over his previous script seamlessly and the production of The Suicide

Squad is not delayed.

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