Another "Spider-Man" spinoff: "Amazing Spider-Man" author is already supposed to be working on the script

It is likely that Tom Holland will also impersonate the upcoming Spider-Man

by Pierre Lorenz on March 12, 2020

With "Morbius" and "Venom 2", two films from Sony's Spiderman universe, which exists independently from the MCU, will be released this year. It's no secret that this universe has been expanding ever since the release of Venom in 2018. According to an exclusive report from "The Wrap", Sony has now signed "Amazing Spider-Man 2" director Roberto Orci for an still untitled film. Unfortunately, there are still no clues which character from the Spiderverse Orci will dedicate himself to. However, it's quite likely that Spider-Man, who will appear in Orci's movie, will be played by Tom Holland again.

So things are going further forward in terms of Sony's comic adaptations, because besides "Spider- Man 3" on July 16th, 2021 there will be another unknown Marvel movie in the cinemas on October 7th, 2021. Most likely candidates are "Kraven The Hunter", "Madame Web" or "Silk". For more details about Orki's "Spider-Man" movie we will keep you updated.

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