Box Office Charts: Barbie and The Equalizer 3 Set Records

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was previously the most successful movie in 2023

by Jonas Reichel on September 4, 2023

What a sensation: With worldwide box-office takings of $1.38 billion, the famous plastic doll's adventure is the most successful film of the year, thus beating out "The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Denzel Washington's third mission as "Equalizer" is likewise setting records.

The string of wins for Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" continues and has now finally knocked "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" off the top spot as the most successful film of 2023. The movie achieved worldwide box-office takings of 1.38 billion dollars - whereas Mario "only" reached about 1.36 billion. "Barbie" thus represents not only the most successful film of the year, but also the most successful film for Warner Bros. ever.

Denzel Washington's last mission for the time being as a merciless retired agent is also proving to be a hit. The box office takings of "The Equalizer 3" of 68.1 million dollars after the opening weekend mark the most successful start of the entire series. Since the film has only been out for a few days so far, we can anticipate more successful figures in the coming weeks.