Flat Refusal: Here's Why Dwayne Johnson Is No Longer Part of "Fast and Furious 10 & 11"

It seems the only possibility of further appearances is in the "Hobbs and Shaw" spin-off

by Pierre Lorenz on July 21, 2021

For years, the "Fast and Furious" franchise has been a prototypical film, characterized by testosterone-filled and well-executed action. However, it has long been no secret that not everything is always as harmonious and familiar as the Vin Diesel memes of recent weeks would like to suggest. In 2018, Dwayne Johnson had already announced that he had had some differences with Tyrese Gibson and Vin Diesel. Particularly the latter does not see the disputes with Johnson as serious in the aftermath and affirms that there is no longer a conflict between the two. Diesel also claims that he only wanted to annoy his acting colleague in a friendly way so that Johnson would give his all on screen. Between the lines, a degree of provocation is certainly evident, and it didn't take long for Johnson to respond. He tells SlashFilm in an interview that he just couldn't help but laugh at Diesel's statement and at the same time reveals his intention to leave it at that and wish everyone the best of luck for "Fast and Furious 9, 10 & 11". This is a straightforward statement from the world's highest-paid actor. Fans of the 49-year-old can only hope that he might star in a sequel to the spin-off "Hobbs and Shaw".

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