M3GAN 2.0: Horror Hit Is Officially Getting a Sequel

The Megan 2 theatrical release is scheduled for 2025

by Pierre Lorenz on January 19, 2023

"M3GAN" has only recently been thrilling many horror fans at the movies. As the first major movie of the genre in 2023, it has so far been able to bring in well over 100 million US dollars, setting the bar very high for upcoming movies.

After some rumors shortly before release, a sequel is now officially in the works. The hit film is about an artificial intelligence that is built into a creepy doll. Originally, it was supposed to help little Cady overcome her loneliness, but the longer M3GAN is around, the more cruel and deadly it becomes. A return of Allison Williams and Violet McGraw in the starring roles has already been confirmed, and the official title "M3GAN 2.0" has also been announced.

Whether the sequel can be as convincing as the original will only become clear in just about two years: The release is set for January 17, 2025.

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