Preparing For The Avengers: Will Doctor Strange 3 Be Released Sooner Than Expected?

Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, the character is regarded as one of the most popular in the MCU

by Jonas Reichel on August 16, 2023

Doctor Strange is likely to make his return sooner than expected: According to rumors, in "Doctor Strange 3" he will lay the crucial groundwork for the further "Avengers" movies.

In 2022, Marvel released the second part of its "Doctor Strange" film series and achieved financial success. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, "Doctor Strange 2" was particularly appealing due to its horror direction and set a completely new tone in the MCU. Of course, this is probably also due to director Sam Raimi, who shaped the genre with his "The Evil Dead" movies and was seen as the perfect choice for the sequel. Part 2 ended with a cliffhanger where we see Doctor Strange grow a third eye on his forehead. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting further appearances of the popular character and a possible sequel.

This now seems to happen in the near future: The website The Cosmic Circus, which is a reliable source of information regarding Marvel, has reported that a third installment could be in the works fairly soon. And that's not all: The movie is supposed to set things up for "Avengers 5" and "Avengers 6" and is based on a very specific comic book that should be well-known to connoisseurs.

The talk is of "Time Runs Out". The comic series focuses on the battle of various Avengers teams against the so-called incursions, which have already been mentioned frequently in the MCU movies. These are multiversal catastrophes in which several universes collide with each other. In the comic series written by Jonathan Hickman, almost all realities are wiped out by incursions.

However, since the movie is primarily another Doctor Strange adventure, the character is likely to be given more emphasis than the other superheroes. Of course, the new main villain Kang is responsible for the decay of the universe. However, The Cosmic Circus is speculating on whether he will also appear as a variant in the film.

Specific information on the production of "Doctor Strange 3" is sadly not yet known. The progress will depend, like so many other matters, on how the current situation around the strikes in Hollywood will develop in the coming weeks or months. We will keep you updated as always!

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