News from Marvel: "Hawkeye" and "Thor: Love And Thunder" provide us with news

The series surprises with a successor while the fans of "Thor" can look forward to a very soon start of shooting

by Pierre Lorenz on July 27, 2020

The streaming service Disney+ can look forward to an addition soon. Meant is the new "Hawkeye" series, which was dominated by some rumors in the past days. Among other things it was reported that Hailee Steinfeld, known from "Bumblebee", is the preferred successor of the Marvel archer. Many fans were very pleased with this news, because in the past fans had already expressed their wish for Steinfeld to play the role of Kate Bishop.As the site The Illuminerd and Marvel- Insider Jeremy Conrad report, the contract with her is supposed to have been signed already, although great caution is recommended here. The Illuminerd is a relatively new site and hasn't really been able to make a name for itself with exclusive revelations in the past.

Also Conrad is considered controversial, since he was often wrong in the past, especially regarding the coverage of "Avengers: Endgame". As you can see, the situation is anything but transparent at the moment and you shouldn't trust the rumors that have been well received by the fans one hundred percent at this point in time. It just remains to be seen until we hear something similar from the official side or from well-known industry magazines.

The second news about the MCU comes from the Phase 4 movie "Thor: Love And Thunder". According to a report by both Slashfilm and Natalie Portman personally, the fourth "Thor" film will be shot by Taika Waititit in early 2021. The actress has revealed this via the Instagram account of her friend Serena Williams. She herself believes that all the delays have given her more time to prepare for her role as Jane Foster. Concerning the plot, "Thor: Love And Thunder" is supposed to revolve around a romantic but also wacky storyline, as the name suggests. Portman's character Jane Foster is supposed to be more in the center of attention and with Chrisitan Bale there is also a new villian to look forward to. Furthermore, the popular "Guardians" are also supposed to make an appearance in the new "Thor" movie. The current release date for "Thor: Love And Thunder" is February 11, 2022.

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