These Stars are Expected to be Part of the Upcoming Beetlejuice 2

There's also a release date

by Pierre Lorenz on May 10, 2023

The horror comedy "Beetlejuice" hit the big screen almost 35 years ago. Among fans, the project is one of the absolute classics of the 1980s. As it was revealed this week, there is some new information about a sequel.

The film could follow in the footsteps of "Ghostbusters: Afterlife", which likewise offered an excellent mix of 80s nostalgia with old and new actors as well as modern elements. With the announcement that "Batman" actor Michael Keaton will in fact return once again to the role of the eponymous ghost, it seems they want to pick up both old and new audiences. When asked by some fans whether Keaton, at 71, was not too old for the role, film composer Danny Elfmann humorously replied that the makeup already made Beetlejuice look as if he were 150 years old in the first part. Accordingly, Keaton's return would not be an issue.

"Stranger Things" star Winona Ryder is also back and will once again play the part of Lydia Deetz. The role of her daughter will also be cast prominently, with "Wednesday" actress Jenna Ortega taking on the role. Justin Paul Theroux, who last played a part in the horror flick "False Positive" in 2021, is also set to take on an undisclosed role.

The shooting of "Beetlejuice 2" is already starting this week under the resumed direction of horror icon Tim Burton in London. Burton also has the support of his favorite composer Danny Elfman, who was already involved in part 1. The planned US release is scheduled for September 6, 2024 according to Deadline. We'll keep you posted on any further updates.

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