Venom 2 significantly harder than the previous one?

This is what producer Matt Tolmach says

by Pierre Lorenz on December 10, 2019

Venom was quite a surprise hit at the box offices with a box-office takings of 850 million US dollars. Only the news that the film comes with the low age rating "From 12 years" was a little bit disappointing to many fans, because even the main actor Tom Hardy had wished for a much tougher approach. However, this might not be the case with the sequel, because Venom 2 producer Matt Tolmach puts this option in the spotlight in an interview with Cinemablend. A decisive factor for this is the gigantic success of Joker, which could open the door for more brutal superhero movies. He himself finds it absolutely great that R-rated films are now being accepted by a mass audience, which in turn means that there are more opportunities to tell such stories.

A confirmation that Venom 2 actually receives a higher age rating than its predecessor, however, he didn't want to be elicited. Nevertheless, fans will be pleased that the option at least exists and is not unlikely. But would that also make sense in terms of content? In any case, with the introduction of the new villian Carnage, who is played by Woody Harrelson, a more brutal approach might make sense. The name alone, sounds promising.

The shooting of Venom 2 with director Andy Serkis is already underway, which is why a decision regarding brutality, if it hasn't already been made behind the scenes, will be made anytime soon. Venom 2 will be released in US American cinemas on October 2, 2020

Image of Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage, Spider Man's Rescue, The Conjuring 3