"Spider-Man: No Way Home: Is The Green Goblin Finally Returning?

In addition, Emma Stone confirms the return of her character Gwen Stacy

by Pierre Lorenz on June 1, 2021

The rumors surrounding the upcoming "Spider-Man: No Way Home" keep growing. The latest news should make many fans happy, because Collider editor Jeff Sneider announced the return of Willem Dafoe in his podcast. He played the character Norman Osborn, later also known under his villain name Green Goblin, in the first "Spider-Man" with Tobey Maguire. Allegedly, he will also lead the Sinister Six in the future, which in addition consist of Electro, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Rhino and Lizard. The appearance of the 65-year-old has not yet been officially confirmed, which is why we should still be somewhat careful with hasty conclusions. However, Emma Stone is definitely part of the cast. She actually confirmed the persistent rumors about her character Gwen Stacy in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". Gwen Stacy is, so to speak, the counterpart to Mary Jane, but only in the "Amazing Spider-Man" movies.

One last piece of news about the MCU adventure comes from an interview with Sony Pictures, where it was first officially announced that "Spider-Man: No Way Home" will mark the superhero's arrival in the Spidey-Verse. The deal between Marvel and Sony also calls for a total of three standalone films, three minor roles in MCU films, as well as the option for one more appearance. The standalone movies are covered with "Homecoming", "Far From Home" and "No Way Home", as well as appearances in "Civil War", "Infinity War" and "Endgame" - leaving one more appearance, which will most likely be in the upcoming "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness". Thereafter, Tom Holland will have to leave the MCU behind, so that Sony's Spider-Verse can finally kick into high gear. "Spider-Man: No Way Home" will be released in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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