Fast and Furious shocks with a canceled scene

The otherwise so family-friendly franchise surprises with brutal violence

by Pierre Lorenz on July 25, 2019

The Fast and Furious films have always been made for a large audience and are fairly easy to

watch. All the more reason for the fuss of the new Hobbs and Shaw some time ago, because

the scene in which Luke Hobbs bites his opponent's eye out was too much for the producers.

Instead, the first spinoff is aimed at a Pegi 13 age rating in the USA.

Not a surprise at first, but director David Leitch also announced that he has cut out the

tough scenes for the cinema version, yet wants to save them for home cinema. Jason

Statham also talks about a censorship, which has caused some brutal scenes to be cut out. In

detail, he even talks about the fact that a lot of things were rated too x rated for the movie,

which is the highest age rating in the USA that hasn' t been given since 1990.

However, for fans of the more brutal entertainment it is likely that these scenes can be seen

on Blu Ray at the latest. But before that there will be a cinema release on August 2st, which

means that we will have to wait a bit longer for the DVD release.

Image of Hobbs & Shaw Brutality, It Chapter 2, Rocky 7