Dwayne Johnson: Here's What His Future Looks Like With "Fast and Furious"

Johnson also discusses a sequel to "Jungle Cruise"

by Pierre Lorenz on August 2, 2021

Recently, actor Dwayne Johnson officially announced his exit from the upcoming two "Fast and Furious" movies 10 and 11. After several arguments with Vin Diesel and poor prospects for reconciliation, the 49-year-old decided to turn his back on the main series. Till the end, some still believed that it must be somehow possible to bring back Luke Hobbs. This optimism was now finally shattered, however, because Johnson's colleague Hiram Garcia urged fans to bury their hopes for good in an interview with Collider. Nevertheless, they don't have to bid farewell completely, as they are currently working on a sequel to the spin-off "Hobbs & Shaw". Like the original, the sequel will stand on its own and, according to Garcia, will certainly please the fans. A good compromise for fans of the main series AND the character Luke Hobbs. At the moment, it is not yet certain how exactly "Fast and Furious 10 & 11" and "Hobbs & Shaw 2" will continue or when they will be released.

There is more news about Dwayne Johnson from his other movie "Jungle Cruise". Although the blockbuster, which had a budget of 200 million US dollars, only earned 62 million US dollars at the box office, a sequel may well be in the works soon. Johnson himself announced this on his Twitter account. So, those responsible will sit down this weekend to plan a potential sequel. That's not all that surprising, since in spite of the financial losses, there's also a pretty strong argument for a sequel: the film's ratings. Appropriately, Johnson posted a tweet confirming that "Jungle Cruise" is the highest-rated film of his career on Rotten Tomatoes. Sure, there are some fans who didn't like the film as much, but on the whole, the flick seems to deliver what it promises, which is to be a well-made family adventure. 

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