Ridley Scott Reveals Details of Denzel Washington's Role in "Gladiator 2"

The Gladiator sequel is set about 15 years later

by Tom Hartig on November 29, 2023

Finally there are some details about Denzel Washington's role in "Gladiator 2"! Director Ridley Scott is currently celebrating box office success with "Napoleon" and is now opening up about the sequel to his classic.

24 years after "Gladiator" with Russel Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, part 2 is to be released. This time, Oscar-nominated Paul Mescal takes on the starring role of Lucius, the foster son of Joaquin Phoenix's character in the predecessor. He meets Denzel Washington, who plays a businessman. Ridley Scott described the role in an interview with Deadline as follows:

A man who supplied the Romans with weapons, oil, horses and wine - everything they needed. But he also had a dark past as a gladiator: he was captured in North Africa and eventually fought his way to freedom as a gladiator. He uses these experiences to now run a stable of gladiators himself. The character of Denzel Washington is more powerful than some senators in Rome, although he tries to hide it. But his thirst for power is far from being satisfied.

In addition to Paul Mescal and Denzel Washington, the cast of "Gladiator 2" is quite impressive: "The Mandalorian" and "The Last of Us" star Pedro Pascal is also part of the team, as is "Moon Knight" actress May Calamawy in a further leading role. Fred Hechinger will play the young emperor Geta as the villain. From the previous "Gladiator", Connie Nielsen and Djimon Hounsou return to their roles. The movie is set around 15 years after part 1. We are looking forward to the theatrical release of "Gladiator 2" on November 22, 2024.

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